Best Uses of TV Screens For Retail Spaces

Spaces are significant, and screens add immense value while also being able to be branded and curated to complement your brand. There are plenty of things you can do with screens in your business, but here are some examples as well as why I think they work well.

Some industries NEED screens and NEED to be implemented gracefully including:

  • Restaurants
  • General Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • Banks
  • Nutrition Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • In-Store Activations or Examples

Now let’s talk about them specifically…

Restaurant screens are crucial unless you own a high-end luxury restaurant. These screens can display menus, which can prevent menu printing costs and incentive menu changes. The screens can show product details and images of your food that will help customers see what type of dishes you offer. You can play video commercials if you have them or keep it on a static menu with photos, but that is the beauty of a good screen. You can have it fill a lot of space with your branding and your content which helps build your brand while also giving people a screen to look at (hint: people love big bright screens – get a nice one, and you will be rewarded)


You can use screens as a way to take orders and engage with your customers. Here is a White Castle using screens as self serve tellers. This will help them promote more items and showcase more imagery to help upsell customers while also keeping their business efficient and focusing on making food.

Some screens can have static images that just help you promote your other marketing channels while people wait.

Other TVs can be used like regular TVs…for entertainment. Whether it’s sports or the news, a tv is a great way to show content that starts conversations.

Clothing Stores
Screens can be used to set the vibe or play music in clothing stores. They can also showcase videos of product details and also show still images of product lookbooks. Screens are versatile, in most settings including the apparel setting, you can use them to set the vibe and encourage people to take a break in your store. That gesture in itself may turn them into a customer!

General / Grocery Stores
I think more grocery stores should adapt screens to showcase daily or changing deals while shoppers are in store. I could see Whole foods having a tv in the middle of every isle (facing each direction) showcasing deals on each specific isle. This could allow them to hyper-target deals and make super quick sales to clear particular products. This is the future, and more grocery stores and general stores will be using them more. You wait!

Just like any other business, a bank could use screens to communicate new features, show informative content, and more on screens while also building a brand value of quality. Here is a quick example of how Bank of America did this in their SF branch

Gas Stations
Gas station screens are one of the greatest inventions ever. This is a place to show advertisements and deals with the person getting gas. Usually, this customer would pull up, get gas, and leave unless they needed something in the store. The screen shows things you may need and may spark the idea to go in and get something. This was never possible before, but now BOOM! Gas station screen.

Tradeshow Activation Screens
Screens can be an engaging factor that sets your tradeshow booth apart from others. You can us sit to broadcast content or use touchscreen demonstrations to collect data and create a pleasant experience for people checking out your booth. The use cases are plenty, but the originality factor is what will set you apart from your competition.

These are just some uses of screens, but I would highly recommend you get a screen for your workplace and see how you can use it soon. Producing content and videos should already be apart of your business, and a screen allows you to showcase that content at your space and maximize all of your efforts.

Better Marketing Please,