Facebook Advertising Terms

This resource will be updated as new terms and updates to the ad product occur. This was last updated: 12/30/2019 *

Campaign – Overall goals from efforts and establishing rules
of ads + ad sets.

Ad Set – Who we are targeting and why.

Ad ID – Identifying number that Facebook gives to each unique

Ad Creative – The actual media and text of the ad, the
part the people see.

Ad Media – The media involved in ad. Can include videos, photos, gifs and more but will always need ad copy to complete ad.

Ad Copy – short post text that accompanies the media to complete ad.

Objective – Your advertising objective is what you want
people to do when they see your ads.

Reach (Unique Views) – The number of people who saw your
ads at least once.

Impressions (Times Seen Total) – Impressions measure
how often your ads were on screen for your target audience.
Impressions may include multiple views of your ads by the
same people.

Frequency – how often an add is shown to a specific ad set
Result Type – specific end goal that classifies what is a result
considered in this campaign.

Results – the actual amount of results received from paid

Cost per Result – how much it cost to get to each ‘result type’
Amount Spent – amount of USD spent on individual

Brand Awareness objective – The brand awareness objective
is for advertisers who want to show ads to people who are more
likely to recall them.

Video Views objective – how many times a video is viewed
longer than 3 seconds.

Conversions objective – how many times a specified action
occurs on site. we specify what is considered a conversion (ex:
a full purchase or a email sign up both are goals and can lead to

Estimated Ad Recall Lift – The estimated ad recall lift
(people) metric shows how many people we estimate would
remember seeing your ad if we asked them within two days.

ThruPlay – ThruPlay allows advertisers to optimize and choose
to pay only for ads that are played to completion, or for at least
15 seconds. This optimization is available with auction or reach
and frequency campaigns.

Website Adds To Cart – The number of add to cart events
tracked by the pixel on your website and attributed to your ads.


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